Riverland Elementary School Exterior Renovations

Project Address: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Owner: The School Board of Broward County, Florida

Construction Type: Water Intrusion Remediation

Project Description: Water Intrusion remediation of existing exterior walls, doors, windows, roof flashings, and roof penetrations of 59,000 square feet elementary school. Sound tested entire exterior stucco walls, removed and replaced all damaged and delaminated stucco, rusted exterior framed walls, doors, and windows (approx. 80% of exterior stucco was removed & replaced). Challenge for this project was to perform all work during the school year while school was in session, hence work had to be performed after school hours and on weekends.

Testimonial: "The project was completed ahead of schedule, within budget and with minimal interference to the operation of the school."

Robert J. Wunsch, AIA
Project Architect
Vaughn Wunsch Masullo Architects